Why Lambda In The First Place?

I’m beginning (after an involuntary detour some years ago) with the most excellent Haskell Programming From First Principles. I know this is going to be good because they’ve already explained why lambda at all.

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17. February 2018 by sojourner hardeman
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What Is A Monad For Dummies

Without further ado…

In functional programming, a monad is a combination of “a data type” and “the operations that can be done to that type”.

So, an example of “a data type” might be “pill candy”, of which M&M’s and Skittles are examples, and an example of “the operations that can be done to them” would be “eat one” and “dump into bowl”.

The combination of the data type, and the operations that can be done to them, is a “monad”.
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17. February 2018 by sojourner hardeman
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package manager odyssey

NixOS logo

I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to install package managers on my Mac.

In the name of love and the pursuit of all things tech, I remember first hearing about Fink, oh, lo, many years ago and eagerly running off to corners of the internet to add it to my computer. And completely hosing something. I don't remember all the gory details, but I remember the cleanup being something akin to cleaning up a Superfund site.

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15. December 2017 by sojourner hardeman
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the long walk home 15

It's just kind of … awkward.

Maybe it's like working at a company in the mailing room. And you see the same employee slipping personal mail into the outgoing mail every day. And then one day, instead of a few envelopes, it's a package. Later, a box. Then, FedEx.

I remember landing at one shelter without any money and needing to travel elsewhere in the city. I asked about tickets for the public transportation system and was told the shelter didn't provide tickets to residents.

The shelter received the tickets from the city, for the sole purpose of providing them to shelter residents. It was an open secret the shelter employees were using the tickets for themselves; I don't know of anyone in that city's shelter system — either receiving or providing services — who was unaware of what this shelter was doing.

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11. October 2017 by sojourner hardeman
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Anarchists Want Strong Central Government

Jinovin (name changed) was an organization providing alternative health treatments to homeless. I thought this was phenomenal. I was already paying for alternative health treatments and that I was able to receive additional services for free was awesome.

I donated. And got to meet the person who running it. Let's call her Lucille. I also met another woman who was working on the project as well. Let's call her Anne. Anne and I talked a bit. Anne was concerned about how the organization was being run.

I attended one of their meetings.

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12. September 2017 by sojourner hardeman
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Expressions is a Great Regex App for Mac

There is something about using a Mac that makes you irritated and annoyed with clunky software. It's hard to go from using Mac's on a regular basis to interfacing with apps that haven't considered aesthetics and usability.

I used to be a Windows user. Now, after years of using Mac's, I have a biological reaction (similar to breaking out in hives) when I have to touch a Windows computer. Or worse, troubleshoot one.

Sometimes, you meet a Mac app that doesn't quite reach the bar set by Apple or app developers. Sometimes, even though it's an app on a Mac, the design is unappealing. Or the usability needs polishing. Or a complete overhaul.

And then there are apps like Apptorium's Expressions. It's a sumptuous, minimalistic, don't-make-me-think app I use to evaluate regular expressions (regex).

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26. July 2017 by sojourner hardeman
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the long walk home 13

I was in a progressive city in the United States and I was sitting in what is called a day center in some places. This was a day center for homeless women.

The functions at day centers can vary. At this day center, people could receive mail, take showers, eat breakfast and lunch when served, do laundry, sleep, and hang out. Sometimes, there were other activities, such as movies or substance abuse recovery meetings.

This particular day, I was sitting in the activity room, chatting with some of the other women, who were telling me about another day center that was only open once a week, in the morning. It was nice, but… But what? But the singing. What singing? They make you sing. They force you to sing? No, but they make you sing. Is it a requirement that you sing? No.

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08. May 2017 by sojourner hardeman
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Write/Speak/Code 2015 – The End of Impostorism

I knew Write/Speak/Code 2015 was going to be phenomenal and it did not disappoint.

If you’re heard of or experienced that death of a thousand little cuts, Write/Speak/Code is life built through a thousand small supportive acts.

I am no longer an impostor. Hear Me Speak. Read My Words. Run My Code. (Git push origin master.)

It can be so easy to — with all the great content and awesome presentations you see on the internet, in magazines, and at conferences — to assume that there is very little that your small contribution will add to the world. Especially when you’re a newbie.

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02. July 2015 by sojourner hardeman
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New York City jumped the shark

Shutting down all public transportation in New York City is blasphemous.

You don’t understand unless you live here. This is a city where you can get pizza delivered to you at 2am in most neighborhoods. This is a city where most neighborhoods have a combination of one or more bodegas (small grocery stores), fruit and vegetable stores, pizza shops, Chinese food restaurants or convenience store like Duane Reade or 7/11, open 7 days per week, 24 hours a day.

In other words, trade is a 24-hour operation in the city. And that makes sense, given the the population of the city and the varied hours people work and play.
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15. February 2015 by sojourner hardeman
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I Love Quicksilver’s AppleScript access

Why would I need this?

Maybe you already use the great and almighty (and free) FastScripts from Red Sweater Software to run scripts. But unless you’ve paid to use unlimited keyboard shortcuts, you have to move your hands from the keyboard to your mouse/trackpad. And doing so introduces torque to your workflow, and torque induces drag.

Productive people don’t do drag.

Plus, FastScripts likes a certain structure when it comes to scripts. You can’t put scripts on your Desktop and expect FastScripts to work with you. But you can with Quicksilver.

Sold? But wait! There’s more! Find a script posted online, paste/pipe into Quicksilver, run it as an AppleScript without even opening AppleScript Editor…

Now you’re sold.

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19. November 2014 by sojourner hardeman
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I Love Quicksilver’s access to Services

Why would I need this?

You already use Services like Show Address in Google Maps, Add to Evernote, OmniFocus: Send to Inbox, and a lot of others. With Quicksilver, you can access and use them without having to use the menubar or contextual menus. And if you have a crowded Services menu, you can disable services but still access and use them within Quicksilver.

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18. November 2014 by sojourner hardeman
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