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I remember downloading and playing with DEVONthink years ago. I had an experience somewhat like when I first met Ruby: that I was looking at something simply incredible and that I must return to it at some point when I was ready to fully appreciate it.

Actually, before I came to the conclusion that I must return to it at some point, I downloaded the manual, tried to read it, discovered it read something like a Scientology manual, emailed the developers to whinge about their crappy manual, had a meaningful discussion with one of the developers and learned there was a language barrier, read some reviews on the web about DEVONthink and then decided DEVONthink was Over My Head Right Now and mentally bookmarked it for future consideration.

The day for Ruby came. DEVONthink … not so much. I did keep at it. I’d run across blog entries, forum posts, and reviews raving about how magical DEVONthink was. I’d read them without really feeling as if I understood the program. DEVONthink has remained bookmarked over the years. It exists as a koan for me: what is the sound of DEVONthink clapping?

Hopefully, until now. I’ve heard (and meant to shout to the rooftops much earlier last week) that the Dorktastic Duo (I’m only going to refer to them as that once because I’m pretty sure their choice of moniker does not include that phrase!) at my favorite Apple podcast Simply Apple are due to grill interview a DEVONthink power user soon to glean some insight into what makes DEVONthink such an awesome app.

I know I’ll be listening.

21. December 2011 by sojourner hardeman
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  1. Just wanted to let you know that our DEVONthink interview is now online: http://www.simplyapple.net/episodes/episode-14-how-many-birds-can-be-angry.html

    Would love to hear what you think of the episode!

    Thanks for the post and for the kind words!

    The Dorktastic Duo

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