JavaScript-free password manager

Ever since 1Password 3, 1Password requires JavaScript be enabled in order for its browser plug-ins to work. I browse the web with JavaScript disabled, only enabling it for a small number of sites. So do a number of Firefox users, who browse using the NoScript plug-in. So we’ve been searching for a password manager more secure than 1Password 3.

Hallelujah! I found something a little less klunky than Keychain Access. This isn’t going to be a full-on review, just a feature note. I purchased Concealer as part of a bundle. Concealer’s interface presents your passwords on cards (see the image below, borrowed from the app’s website). Clicking on a card and pressing copy copies your login information — username and password — to the clipboard. Somehow (through magic?), you can paste both the username and password into your website’s login window without returning to Concealer‘s interface. The first paste command pastes your username and the second paste command pastes your password.

Pretty clever.


22. January 2013 by sojourner hardeman
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