Building One Brick at a Time

I love One Brick because it lets me volunteer on a hit-and-run basis. Organizations and others let One Brick know that they need people to help. Sometimes it’s for special events the organizations are having, and sometimes it’s for regular operations. One Brick posts the details on their calender and mailing list, and volunteers are able to RSVP if they choose. It’s nice to be able to give time without having to make a long-term commitment. And time can be more valuable than money.

When time is more valuable than money, consider supporting One Brick by making purchases through One Brick’s special Amazon link. Five percent of everything you buy using that link goes to One Brick, helping them connect volunteers and communities in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St Paul, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Washington, DC.

01. February 2013 by sojourner hardeman
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  1. Thanks for the info about One Brick. That kind of ad hoc volun-teering is a lot easier on the schedule and the nerves than a long-term commitment. When the local NSO called for help from the churches to furnish their new building for the homeless last year, it was set up so that most of the volunteers were able to go in on one day for just a few hours. Gleaners has a small assembly line for packing fresh vegetables and fruit for one of its monthly programs for senior citizens—it’s a short couple of hours and fun. I had sense enough not to join St. Vincent de Paul and get stuck with a weekly meeting and hours
    AND DAYS! sorting old clothes and other cast-offs.

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