Productive Macs Bundle Includes Numeric Notes

Truth be told, I’m not crazy about Numeric Notes, but it is a cute little app. It’s similar to Soulver, but the apps are different enough to warrant owning both. (So says a card-carrying member of Apps Anonymous.) Soulver offers more features overall, but Numeric Notes offers some nice formatting that makes it ideal for creating things like grocery lists.

The main reason I didn’t buy Numeric Notes prior to the Productive Macs bundle is that Numeric Notes doesn’t save notes as individual files. Instead, notes are automatically saved when quitting the application, and automatically opened when launching the application, à la Stickies. This isn’t horrible, but close a note and it’s gone, and I’ve hit cmd-w by mistake a few times.

I don’t mind (but you might) having to type 0.5 instead of .5 to be sure that Numeric Notes gets the decimal in the right place.

Enough of the not-so-great stuff … Below is a screenshot of a grocery list in creation. Notice that Numeric Notes titles the window with the text of that first line. (We’ll create a better title in the second screenshot.) If you were to type in numbers first, the title would be blank. That window color is one of a number of pastel colors, randomly chosen by Numeric Notes every time you open a new window. (Purdy.)

Notice the double angle quotation marks surrounding the last item in the list? Those marks are what you’ll see if you begin a line with text. All text enclosed within those marks will be bold, making it easier to differentiate text from numbers, figures and calculations. The tab key toggles text and numeric mode. Numbers, figures and calculations to the right of the text are calculated on the far right of the window.

Editing Grocery List Item

The windows are resizeable. Be careful, though. What you see is what you get if you choose the ‘Save as Pdf’ option.

Below is the completed list. We’ve changed the first line to a title, and the window’s title has changed as well. Note that our Quinoa line (now line 5) has a calculation instead of a price. Numeric Notes does the math and puts the result on the far right, decimal-aligned.

After typing ‘Total’ on the last line, we’ve used Numeric Notes‘ ‘Insert Sum’ feature (cmd-=) to add all the figures on the lines above. That sum will update when you add more figures above it.

Grocery List

I think Numeric Notes as a glorified adding machine, most useful for quickly jotting down and adding numbers, great for keeping track of expenses and creating lists of what to buy. Holiday shopping, anyone?

Numeric Notes is one of the apps featured in the Productive Macs bundle, available through the 18th of November. It’s appropos that Keyboard Maestro is another app offered in the bundle. One Keyboard Maestro feature allows you to intercept an application’s keyboard shortcut, perfect for stopping me from closing Numeric Notes windows by mistake.

11. November 2013 by sojourner hardeman
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