I know people who swear that taking one or two Benadryl pills will knock them out better than any sleeping pill. Never worked for me. Likewise for over-the-counter sleeping pills. Even with prescription sleeping pills, the best I could hope for was to feel tired, not to actually fall sleep.

But then, I’ve always been a night owl. Left unencumbered by societal obligations, I’d easily go to bed at 2 or 3am every night and wake up around 10. And it’s never been much of a stretch for me to go to bed even later, sometimes going to sleep as the sun rises. One late night can easily put me on a nightbird schedule, and once on that schedule, it’s a real challenge to shift back to a more traditional bedtime.

Lately, the late night sleep cycle has really been getting in the way. There are a number of things that I’ve been trying to get done when everyone else is awake and conducting business. While I can count on my alarm clock to scream at me, I really need it to use hands and feet to kick me out of bed and put some cold water on my face before I turn it off. (Is there an app for that?)

The only thing that made the sleep cycle worse was trying to correct it. It was like some vicious cycle: While running a sleep deficit, catch a nap and wake up early to get things done, functioning poorly throughout the day. Accomplish little, but plug away. Stress. Stay up later than needed trying to finish tasks, adding to my sleep deficit. Repeat until crash.

The only thing worse than trying to correct it was not trying to correct it. Succumb. Sleep the day away and get up too late to accomplish much in the late afternoon hours. Stress. Stay up later trying to finish tasks, shifting bedtime later and later into the wee hours. Stress. Repeat until vampires are greeting me as a kindred spirit.

Either way, I was grabbing food on the run because who had time to cook? I was eating more food because I needed more energy to compensate for being overly tired. And I was eating more unhealthy food for the quick energy boosts. (Are we still considering Ding Dongs food?)

I was sharing my problem with a friend of mine and it turns out my problem wasn’t sleep, it was nutrition. Turns out that magnesium helps with sleep quality, and that calcium helps you absorb magnesium. Sleep (or weirdness of it) was just a symptom of magnesium and calcium deficiencies. She recommended, and I’ve been taking, Prime Dreamz. It’s been such a blessing.

Directions state to take it an hour before bedtime. Before, I could lay down and feel so stressed about the things I hadn’t done, the things I wasn’t going to get done tomorrow, the sleep I was going to miss because I was going to sleep late, that I would toss and turn and not fall asleep, despite being completely exhausted.

Now, when I take Prime Dreamz, as I feel that stress begin to form, it’s followed by a wave of relaxation, which almost seems to eat the stress. It reminds me of watching characters on a stage, with cacophonus rabble slowly being lulled by some golden-voiced soprano.

Two caveats. One is that directions state to take it no more than four times per week. I’ve found that taking it every other day works well. If you think you’ll need something you can take more often, consider Isotonix L-Tryptophan.

The second caveat are the ingredients. I read labels and I was a little put off by some of the ingredients listed. Then I looked at what I had been eating recently and thought, you know, Prime Dreamz has healthier stuff in it than Ding Dongs, and if I don’t take Prime Dreamz, I might be eating more Ding Dongs.

Ideally, I’ll get most of the nutrients I need from what I eat. However, while I’m making changes to my diet, it’s wonderful to have help during that transition.

08. December 2013 by sojourner hardeman
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  1. Valerian is an herb that is a natural muscle relaxer. A tea bag in a cup of hot water can get you a good night’s sleep with no side effects. It’s non-habit-forming and doesn’t taste too bad. These herbal teas are getting a little pricey these days, but it’s worth it.
    A simple meditation technique would also help. And a walk in the late afternoon.

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