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I have been reading the Eating Well On $1 A Day blog post series. Personally, I don’t think the author is eating well, but he is eating much better than I would have thought possible. What’s incredible for me is the amount of food that he’s able to get using coupons. For example, on Day 11, he spends $1.98 and is able to buy 3 bananas, a bunch of celery, two large bags of tortilla chips and 3 cans of Bumble Bee tuna. And he’s spent even less and gotten more: check out what he’s able to do on Day 12!

Granted, this was done in 2010. I’m sure that some prices may have increased since then, and maybe some of the ways he was able to achieve this aren’t available anymore. Even so, what he was able to accomplish is amazing.

Time to take another look at my food budget…

25. May 2014 by sojourner hardeman
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