I Love Quicksilver’s easy Microsoft opener

Why would I need this?

To save yourself extra steps. The sheer drudgery of opening Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and then taking your fingers off the keyboard (please don’t tell me you use your mouse or trackpad to open applications) and navigating to the File > Open Recent menu to find and select the recently opened file you want to work in adds up over time, like drag on an airplane flight.

How do I …

Activate Quicksilver. (If your Quicksilver looks different, note that I’m using Quicksilver’s Nostromo interface; go to Preferences > Plugins to find and install. Then go to Preferences > Appearance to select and customize the interface. Nostromo is one big interface by the way. Click on one of the screenshots below to see its full size.)

Begin typing Microsoft Word until it appears in Quicksilver‘s first pane. Remember that you can type parts of an item name. In the screenshot below, I’ve simply typed wor, but typing mwor or softword or oood will match too.


With our Microsoft Office application in the first pane, we can press / (slash) or press right-arrow to access the recently opened files list.

The results window will show after a briefly delay (unless you’ve changed your settings in Preferences > Command > Results), listing those files. (By the way, your results window is resizable.) You can use down-arrow to go down the list. Even faster would be to type a few letters of the file you want.


That results window is preventing us from seeing which action is chosen. Pressing escape hides the results window and lets me see that Open is the selected action. Cool! I don’t even have to tab over to the second pane, I can just press enter and open Word and the file I want.


And I can do this with Excel and Powerpoint as well. Did I ever tel you how much I love Quicksilver? I love Quicksilver.

Why doesn’t it work on my machine?

This works for Microsoft Office 2008 and 2011. Note that in order to use these actions, you need to install the following plugins and you may need to change your Quicksilver preference settings:

  • Microsoft Office Plugin

Wow/Meh. What else ya got?

This is part of a series of some of the ways I love and use Quicksilver. If you’re new to Quicksilver, check out the Quicksilver Setup Mini Guide for tips on configuration.

06. November 2014 by sojourner hardeman
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