I Love Quicksilver’s Paste as Plain Text

Why would I need this?

You’re copying that really cool snippet from a website, but you just need the text, not need the fancy rainbow script font.

You want to grab that quote from that document, but you need it to match the font of the document you’re pasting it into.

You’re copying snippets from multiple sources, each formatted differently, into one document for later use.

How do I …

Yep. Quicksilver. Who knew?

Select the text you want to copy. We’ve got ours below.


While the text is selected, press command-escape to pipe it into Quicksilver, as we’ve done below. (If your Quicksilver looks different, we’re using the Mini Interface, which you can install at Preferences > Plugins. After installing, select and customize in Preferences > Appearance. … Mini is a very tiny interface, almost as small as Nostromo is big.)

We can only see a small portion of our text, due to small size of the interface we’ve chosen, but it’s there.

Now we’ll press escape to leave Quicksilver temporarily. Then we’ll switch to the application (you can use command-tab) which is going to receive our pasted text.


You might make a mistake and use Quicksilver to switch to that application, changing the contents of the first pane. If you do, simply activate Quicksilver again, press command-[ to return to our text selection.

Now, we’ll press tab to get to the second pane. In the second pane, we’ll type enough of paste as plain text so that the action appears. In the screenshot below, I’ve typed pptext, but I could have typed astext or aaatext or something similar.


Now, we can press enter. And there’s our text, in the font of the receiving document.


Why doesn’t it work on my Mac?

Note that in order to use these actions, you need to install the following plugins and you may need to change your Quicksilver preference settings:

  • (No plugins needed)

Wow/Meh. What else ya got?

This is part of a series of some of the ways I love and use Quicksilver. If you’re new to Quicksilver, check out the Quicksilver Setup Mini Guide for tips on configuration.

12. November 2014 by sojourner hardeman
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