I Love Quicksilver’s Restore Minimized Windows

Why would I need this?

It’s not unusual for me to have, say, 30 browser windows open, some of them minimized for me to return to later. Sometimes returning to later means returning later in the week instead of later that session. (My favorite browser is OmniWeb, which allows me to save workspaces on the fly, Workspaces save all open windows and tabs, and their respective states and locations.) The annoying thing is restoring all those minimized windows.

How do I …

Quicksilver to the rescue. Activate it, type letters of the application name (in my case, usually OmniWeb) until the application appears in the first pane, press tab to move to the second pane and type letters contained by “Restore Windows” until that action appears in the second pane. Press enter. (If your Quicksilver looks different, note that I’m using Quicksilver’s Flashlight interface, which you can install by finding the plugin at Preferences > Plugins. You can change interfaces by navigating to Preferences > Preferences > Appearance.)

Restore Windows action

Oh wait. There’s one more thing. Quicksilver also minimizes all the windows of an application. Use the action “Minimize Windows” pane to have all of your application’s open windows minimized.

Minimize Windows action

Why doesn’t it work on my Mac?

Note that in order to use these actions, you need to install the following plugins and you may need to change your Quicksilver preference settings:

  • Deminizer

Wow/Meh. What else ya got?

This is part of a series of some of the ways I love and use Quicksilver. If you’re new to Quicksilver, check out the Quicksilver Setup Mini Guide for tips on configuration.

02. November 2014 by sojourner hardeman
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