I Love Quicksilver’s Set Desktop Picture action

Why would I need this?

You find a great image and you want to set it as your desktop picture quickly and easily, without going into System Preferences.

How do I …

Quicksilver makes this easy. Select the file and press commad-escape to pipe it into Quiksilver. Below, our file is in the first pane. Open, the default action for this type of file is waiting in the second pane, but we don’t want to use that today. (Remember that you can change the rank of actions in Preferences > Actions. See the Mini Setup Guide for more information.)

(If your Quicksilver looks different, I’m using the White Bezel interface, available by installing the White Bezel Interface plugin in Preferences > Plugins.)


We want to use the Set Desktop Picture action, so we’ll tab over to the second pane and begin typing that until the action appears. Notice that I typed sdp to search for the action. Remember that Quicksilver lets you skip letters when you search.


All we have to do here is to press enter. (The original screenshot was big, so I scaled the image down using Quicksilver.)


Why doesn’t it work on my machine?

Note that in order to use these actions, you need to install the following plugins and you may need to change your Quicksilver preference settings:

  • Displays Plugin

Wow/Meh. What else ya got?

This is part of a series of some of the ways I love and use Quicksilver. If you’re new to Quicksilver, check out the Quicksilver Setup Mini Guide for tips on configuration.

10. November 2014 by sojourner hardeman
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