Needful Things

I run across information on the web that I keep referring others to, or that I regularly revisit. I’m putting them here. For your easy retrieval and mine.

How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen

Derek Sivers’ absolutely excellent article for anyone who has ever despaired of how to find someone to implement your awesome app. Well-written, with detailed instructions on how to get from here to there.

30 Days, 5 Sites, Google Page 1

A great article from JohnnyStartup (aka John Valentine), who writes about getting to page one of Google, differentiating himself from the other famous and not-so-famous John Valentines out there… in 30 days.

Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

One of the best guides to learning Ruby online. If only school had been like this…

Kerberos (Kinda Sorta Simply Explained)
Designing an Authentication System: a Dialogue in Four Scenes

Initially, I found it hard to understand Kerberos. Reading the Wikipedia entry for Kerberos, the phrase “it’s all Geek to me” kept wafting up. I went looking for a description with less jargon and found a (fairly lengthy) explanation of the Kerberos system written in English. It presents the concepts of Kerberos in a story format (well, more like a play), making it easier to fully grasp the soul of Kerberos.

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Documentation

Highly recommend this great guide to writing documentation. It walks through reasons why you want your documentation to be clear, details what your documentation should include, points to examples of documentation on other sites, and offers a template. I refer to this guide every time I create a Read Me on GitHub.